we are madapes

We provide the highest quality People and Software

We are a technology startup focused on time to market and partnering with great companies.

Great services as company culture

Our range of services is designed to fuel your company's growth. We choose the tools and technologies that will maximise return while enabling your company to step into a better digital way of doing business.

We have strong ties to both local and global tech communities. This allows us to hire the best available talent in order to deliver fast and cost-effective products.

We treat every assignment with the best of care, ensuring you get the expected results.

Software Application Development

Development services focused on time to market whether it's improving existing apps or building brand new ones. We are able do this by becoming domain experts, that happen to also be experts in technology.

Rapid Prototyping

Quickly validate your ideas by going from paper to app usually in under 6 weeks. Easily set a long term budget and fund the final product by using the experience gained by building a working minimum viable product.

User Experience Design

Don't take a chance on a bad UX! We use a proven methodology called Lean UX to collaboratively reveal the value of your technology while reducing complexity. This ensures we achieve the best results in the shortest time.

Product/Technology Assesment

Easily make a product / technology choice or investigate a decision to either build or buy in todays' hyper-competitive marketplace. Put our long expertise in developing large and small scale apps for a variety of industries to good use.

Clear process guarantees quality

SCRUM is the foundation of everything we build at madapes.

Together with microservice architecture it is the industry choice for developing large scale applications that can be delivered reliably and continuously.


Start by building up the product backlog with Epics which will be later on broken down into Stories. Every sprint we pull from this Stories into the Sprint Backlog so we can implement them.


Two weeks sprints are the norm for best efficiency. We set a Sprint Goal and have Daily Scrum meetings to make sure we don't go off track.


Acceptance is done by the client at the end of the sprint on the current deliverables. Any bugs or feature requests get logged into the backlog for the next iteration.


Things might not go well from the start so we constantly make adjustments to improve the process and speedup development.

part of the community

We love Open Source and Giving Back

Proven technology stack

Our teammates are proficient with in-demand technologies available on the market.

Let's create together

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